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Monthly Archives: August 2011

  • Protect Your DVR

    Posted on August 23, 2011 by 123administrator

    All too many times during burglaries the video surveillance system is stolen. Smart criminals will look for the recorder and just pull it out with the help of a wire cutter. The process is fast and easy enough if the digital video recorder is not protected or hidden away. An easy way to protect your property and investment is to use a DVR lockbox. This accessory will hide the DVR away perhaps in an attic or a closet and can bolted to floor or wall beams as there are punch out holes provided. The lock boxes make it quite difficult to take the DVR and any evidence on the hard drive. The easiest way for a criminal to escape being caught by a surveillance camera is to simply reach out and cut a wire.

    Most lock boxes are heavy duty and constructed of 16 gauge steel and have multiple vents for heat dissipation. This is important so the recorder does not overheat. Lock boxes should include a key lock and have a lid that is removable for easy access to the recorder.

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  • License plate capture cameras are now more affordable?

    Posted on August 22, 2011 by 123administrator

    Yes! Largely due to manufacturers like KT&C, Korea Technology & Communications. They have designed and manufactured a high contrast (LPR) camera to capture license plates with exceptional image quality at a cost 50% lower than other cameras. Using advanced special filter+IR+DSP to capture plates under any conditions the camera is getting quite a spotlight in the industry. The KPC-LP500 has a capture success rate at 92% between 8-60Ft. distance and at speeds up to 35mph. The KPC-LP850 performed the same at distances up to 90ft and speeds up to 75mph. Both cameras are IP65 and weatherproof and use 1/3“ Sony Super Had CCD II technology at 600 TVL resolution. Also, the cameras sport external zoom and focus adjustments and a convenient on screen display (OSD) with second video output. Both cameras are dual voltage and carry a two year warranty.



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  • Recording Software Support for D7-180

    Posted on August 1, 2011 by 123administrator

    We are happy to report that Scallop Imaging D7-180 cameras are now supported by the ever popular OnSSI’s video surveillance software. On-Net Security Surveillance Systems, Inc. announced the integration today. The D7-180 has an amazing 7 megapixel resolution and a full 180 degree field of view, PoE and H.264 video compression. We stock both OnSSI and Scallop Imaging products and finally have a full scale recording solution for those loving this panoramic imaging video platform. We believe this will strengthen our customer’s ability to integrate this powerful security camera into existing systems. If you have not had a chance to see the sample video of this camera we urge you to take a closer look at the video now. OnSSi is the market leader in open platform IP-based recording and management software.

    The benefit is that this compatibility allows the camera to be recorded by the world’s best selling ip-based recording platform, OnSSI.

    The camera can now be part of a large scale system already using this software which is the backbone to most large scale network ip-based security systems

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  • Everfocus HD Security

    Posted on August 1, 2011 by 123administrator

    The Everfocus HD CCTV solution is about high definition over coax.

    A megapixel resolution delivered through a coax cable makes this a huge improvement in a analog dominated market. For our customers predominately purchasing analog but wanting the resolution of a megapixel security HD camera , we have an affordable solution with Everfocus products

    Everfocus HD security products deliver High Definition 1080i/720p over coax. This provides an unmatched clarity for analog systems and offers up to 16X zoom during live viewing or playback. Everfocus model EQH5200, a professional box camera, EZH5040, an outdoor infrared bullet style camera and EHH5040, a security dome camera make up the camera choices. The easy part is there is no networking required like in network based cameras. Cameras feature a SD TV output for easy camera configuration. The applications that can benefit from this are endless. The cameras paired with an Everfocus HD DVR are a perfect upgrade to an existing analog system without having to change out all the cameras. The customer does not have to sacrifice his investment in existing cameras to gain megapixel clarity and can still manage both HD and analog cameras together with the new dvr addition. Dvr models include HD-2H14 (2 HD CH + 14 Analog), EDR-HD-4H4 (4HD CH + 4 Analog). The new line of DVR features Smart Search, a feature allowing motion activated snapshots to load from a user selected time period based on user selected increments for any camera. The system is Apple iPhone/Blackberry/Android compatible with a free remote viewing application called Mobile-Focus. stocks all models in house for immediate shipping to our customers. Our new system is priced to include a free camera discount. 123 Security Products offers a full 4 camera and 8 camera system featuring HD CCTV products from Everfocus.

    About Everfocus

    Everfocus Electronics Corp. is a leading manufacturer of CCTV cameras, DVRs, access control systems and other CCTV and access control peripherals. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Everfocus has offices located around the world including the U.S.A., Germany, China, & Japan.

    EverFocus offers quality products, superior technical support, project design consultation, a certified dealer program, and educational training to meet the demands of our customers worldwide. We believe the key components to success lies in the development and quality of our products and excellent customer service.

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