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Protect Your DVR

Posted on August 23, 2011 by 123administrator There have been 0 comments

All too many times during burglaries the video surveillance system is stolen. Smart criminals will look for the recorder and just pull it out with the help of a wire cutter. The process is fast and easy enough if the digital video recorder is not protected or hidden away. An easy way to protect your property and investment is to use a DVR lockbox. This accessory will hide the DVR away perhaps in an attic or a closet and can bolted to floor or wall beams as there are punch out holes provided. The lock boxes make it quite difficult to take the DVR and any evidence on the hard drive. The easiest way for a criminal to escape being caught by a surveillance camera is to simply reach out and cut a wire.

Most lock boxes are heavy duty and constructed of 16 gauge steel and have multiple vents for heat dissipation. This is important so the recorder does not overheat. Lock boxes should include a key lock and have a lid that is removable for easy access to the recorder.

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