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Digital Video Recorders

  • Upgrading Your Analog System to IP

    Posted on May 9, 2012 by 123administrator

    Switching from analog to IP video usually means replacing a VCR/DVR with a networked recorder and cameras. The switch from analog to IP can be difficult. Here are some guidelines to help make the transition easier. Our staff is eager to assist you any step of the way.

    Investigate the DVR in the current system. Does it have IP camera recording capability? Some recorders are “hybrid” recorders and have the ability to record both analog and IP cameras. If the recorder does not have IP camera support for recording the decision must be made to purchase IP recording hardware (NVR=Network Video Recorder), a hybrid security recorder (HVR= ANALOG+IP) or a software based solution such as Milestone or Onssi products. This software would be installed on your own hardware server or pc.

    It is important that once the desired network recorder is selected that you obtain the manufacturer list of approved and compatible cameras. This will ensure proper functioning and control of the network cameras from the NVR software. There is usually a compatibility list provided by manufacturers. We can provide you with the appropriate list and offer suggestions based on your application.

    Analog cameras can also be integrated into the new system with the use of encoders/decoders or if the recorder has on board analog support.

    For assistance in planning, purchasing or set up of your network camera system our technical team can assist you and make the transition and installation an easy one.

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  • Mobile Viewing is Provided Free with any 123 Security Camera Systems

    Posted on November 17, 2011 by 123administrator

    Remote monitoring  and mobile phone viewing of a security system has become very important as more and more people become aware of the simplicity of the process. With a simple free app one can log in and see the goings on at their home or business directly from their mobile device or PC. The ever popular Apple family of mobile devices makes it even easier as does its rival Droid.  What is even more interesting is that people are making great use of the technology and monitoring their property closer and more frequently. A great benefit as it is like being two places at once.

    Recently I watched an online video of a woman that called police after logging into her home security camera system and catching some burglars in the act. She immediately had 911 on the line and she watched as they rummaged through her belongings. Trotting back and forth amongst her pets with arms full of goodies stolen from her bedroom the woman was in tears. Toward the end of the video the police showed up to the surprise of the three men that entered the home though a pet door.  So the importance of an easy to use mobile platform can lead to better and more accessible surveillance and even more arrests if you happen to log in at the right time.

    Now all of our security camera systems include feature rich mobile viewing software at no additional costs.  Most also include CMS software that allows viewing of multiple DVRs from one user interface seamlessly.  123 Security Products offers some of the best video surveillance systems available for both home and retail security.   Our best selling systems include our  Cantek 8EVLIR500 8-camera surveillance system and its four channel version the Cantek 4evlir500. Both are highest rated for rated products that can provide this technology and still be super affordable.

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  • Protect Your DVR

    Posted on August 23, 2011 by 123administrator

    All too many times during burglaries the video surveillance system is stolen. Smart criminals will look for the recorder and just pull it out with the help of a wire cutter. The process is fast and easy enough if the digital video recorder is not protected or hidden away. An easy way to protect your property and investment is to use a DVR lockbox. This accessory will hide the DVR away perhaps in an attic or a closet and can bolted to floor or wall beams as there are punch out holes provided. The lock boxes make it quite difficult to take the DVR and any evidence on the hard drive. The easiest way for a criminal to escape being caught by a surveillance camera is to simply reach out and cut a wire.

    Most lock boxes are heavy duty and constructed of 16 gauge steel and have multiple vents for heat dissipation. This is important so the recorder does not overheat. Lock boxes should include a key lock and have a lid that is removable for easy access to the recorder.

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