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Axis 5801-121 Bird Control Spike 10Pcs

Axis | SKU: 5801-121 | Model: 5801-121

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Axis 5801-121 Bird Control Spike 10Pcs
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Bird control spikes made of flexible UV-resistant polymer preventing birds from landing on cameras or mounts. Each module has five spikes and can be mounted on flat or curved surfaces using the pre-mounted adhesive or cable ties (not included). The modules can be connected lengthwise and/or widthwise to cover a larger area. 10 pcs.

Birds sitting on top of cameras, housings or mounts is a problem commonly found in e.g. train stations and city surveillance. With AXIS Bird Control Spike we make our products less attractive to the birds without being mean to them. The spikes are somewhat flexible and will not hurt the birds, but they will make it uncomfortable and thereby make the bird go elsewhere.

The benefit is of course that the cleaning costs will be contained. On top of that, less vibrations caused by birds landing or taking off from the network camera.

AXIS Bird Control Spike is easy to use and can be mounted in various ways. The pre-assembled, UV-resistant and very strong adhesive tape will keep the spike in place. Cable ties can also be used as a complement around a circular surface. The spike modules can also be clicked together both sideways and lengthways to cover larger areas. AXIS Bird Control Spike is sold in 10-pieces pack, hence it can cover a wide surface of the outdoor camera.

  • For outdoor cameras
  • Easy to install
  • Various mounting possibilities
  • No more bird sitting on camera housings

Additional Information

Product SKU 5801-121
Brand Axis
Condition New
Home Control Wi-Fi
Alarm I/O 2/2