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  1. Digimerge ACCKBD320 Network Keyboard Controller

    The FLIR Network Keyboard provides a physical interface for controlling FLIR PTZ IP or MPX Cameras, NVRs, and MPX DVRs with an easy-to-use 3 axis joystick. The ACCKBD320 connects via RJ45 to a LAN for enhanced control over multiple devices on the network, or utilizes direct RS485 serial connection...
  2. Cantek CT-W-NCKB100 Network Keyboard & Control Keyboard

    Cantek W-NCKB100 Network Keyboard & Control Keyboard.- Desktop keyboard with full switching and programming...
  3. ICRealtime KB-KB300 Professional 3-D DVR/NVR/PTZ Keyboard with Network Capability

    The high precision professional grade controller has full switching and programming capabilities to control both DVRs and Outdoor/indoor high speed domes. The KB300 gives full control of any WAN or LAN IC Realtime DVR. Control the entire Menu, Video Display output modes, PTZ Control, and...