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  • Louroe Electronics IF-2 (2)-Zone Audio Interface Adapter Louroe Electronics IF-2 (2)-Zone Audio Interface Adapter
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Louroe Electronics IF-2 (2)-Zone Audio Interface Adapter


Louroe Electronics | SKU: IF-2 | Model: LE-273

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Louroe Electronics IF-2 (2)-Zone Audio Interface Adapter
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Louroe Electronics model IF-2 is an audio interface adapter designed for connecting up to two Louroe microphones to a DVR or other recording devices that have multiple audio inputs. The unit contains dual outputs (per microphone) for accommodating either an RCA input or a 3.5mm (mini-jack) input connection to a DVR, IP network camera, video server, etc. In addition, the IF-2 receives wiring from the Louroe microphones, provides phantom power and contains a variable gain potentiometer per output to prevent the overdriving of the DVR, etc. All Louroe microphones are compatible with the IF-2.

AUDIO TEST SWITCH - It's function is to indicate the presence of audio and to assure that the IF-2 is driving the audio signals into the input of the audio receiving device. The audio indicator LED illuminates when audio is present.


  • Compatible with all Louroe microphones
  • Contains terminal blocks for microphone connections
  • Supplies 12Vdc power to the microphones
  • Dual outputs (per microphone) to accommodate either an RCA input or 3.5mm mini-jack input connection to DVR, IP network camera, etc.
  • Gain adjust (each output) to prevent overdriving or under-driving the audio signal
  • 12 Vdc power supply included
  • RCA connector cables and 3.5mm mono connector cables (with stereo adapter) included
  • Audio test switch with indicator LED to assure presence of audio


  • 1-Year


Additional Information

Product SKU IF-2
Brand Louroe Electronics
Condition New
Zones 2-Zones
Compatibility CCTV, DVR, Encoder, IP Camera
Type Interface Adapter
# of Areas 2