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Bosch SM-2-G Personal Listening System, G


Bosch | SKU: SM-2-G | Model: SM-2-G

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The SM-2-G from Bosch is a portable, battery operated, VHF wireless personal monitoring system, notable for it's ease of operation and light weight of the principal components, clarity of sound, and a 300' operating range.

The Soundmate SM-2-G system consists of the ST-300 transmitter, which operates on one of 17 selectable frequencies, 4 single-channel, fixed frequency SR-50 portable receivers, with 4 companion SEB-1 earbuds.

The SM-2-G is designed as a low cost alternative solution for bus and museum tours, house of worship or theatrical assistive listening applications, and conferencing situations involving multi-client, multi-user translation needs.


  • Low-cost, portable wireless personal monitoring/assistive listening system for churches, museum tours, conferencing, and educational applications
  • 300' operating range
  • Single channel, fixed frequency operation for receivers, 17 selectable frequencies available for transmitter
  • Backlit LCD for transmitter
  • E.D.R. (Enhanced Dynamic Range) compander circuitry for transmitter; clearer, more consistent output
  • Lightweight, discreet mono earphones

  • Convenient "AA" battery operation with extended 30 hr. battery life for receiver

Additional Information

Product SKU SM-2-G
Brand Bosch
Condition New
Distance in Feet 201-300
  • SM-2-G - Personal Listening System - G
  • ST-300 Transmitter
  • Telescoping Antenna
  • 4 x SR-50 Portable Single Channel Receivers
  • 4 x SEB-1 Earphones
  • Soundmate Wall Plaque