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  • Bosch FMR-500E-BEIGE-G Wireless Headset Microphone System, Beige Bosch FMR-500E-BEIGE-G Wireless Headset Microphone System, Beige

Bosch FMR-500E-BEIGE-G Wireless Headset Microphone System, Beige


Bosch | SKU: FMR-500E-BEIGE-G | Model: FMR-500E-BEIGE-G

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Bosch FMR-500E-BEIGE-G Wireless Headset Microphone System, Beige
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Bosch FMR-500E-BEIGE-G | Wireless Headset Microphone System | Beige. Buy Now. Fast Shipping, Call (866) 440-2288

The FMR-500E-BEIGE-G from Bosch is a wireless microphone systems provide professional UHF flexibility and quality while remaining affordable. The FMR-500E-BEIGE-G systems deliver a professional feature set that includes UHF operation, 1,112 selectable frequencies and Clear Scan automatic channels selection. The FMR-500E-BEIGE-G system is available as a handheld, belt-pack or combination system; this system includes the FMR-500E-BEIGE-G receiver, WT-500 Belt-Pack and RE97 miniature headset microphone. The FMR-500E-BEIGE-G receiver is a half-rack mount unit that features diversity reception, resulting in minimal RF drop-out and interference. The FMR-500E-BEIGE-G features balanced XLR and 1/4" phone outputs and the back-lit LCD display provides, transmitter battery status, channel and frequency, diversity status, radio frequency and audio level. The Clear Scan auto channel selection allows quick setup, transmitter matching, and new channel selection if RF conditions change.

The WT-500 belt-pack is light weight and operates on a single 9 volt battery. The transmitter features a TA4-male connection that is capable of accepting microphone or line level signal. The WT-500 also features an LCD display for monitoring status on all system parameters. Overall the FMR-500E-BEIGE-G is more than suitable for fixed sound reinforcement in schools, clubs, theaters, rental houses and more.


RE97 Head Worn Microphone

The slim, ultra low-profile RE97 features flexible adjustment, right or left ear configuration and an Omani-directional polar pattern for a uniform pick up of direct and off-axis audio.

Moisture Resistant

The RE97 resists moisture, protecting the element against damage due to perspiration, humidity, etc.

Frequency Agile UHF

The receiver and transmitter both operate over UHF frequencies. The system is frequency agile providing over 1,112 possible, user programmable frequencies in 25kHz steps.

Diversity Reception

The FMR-500 receiver features dual internal receivers, set to the same frequency. Enhanced DSP allow both receivers to compete for the strongest reception without interference, noise or drop-out.

Advanced ClearScan

Advanced ClearScan technology allows quick, easy frequency setup. Channels are scanned and the clearest channels within the clearest preset groups are automatically selected.

Additional Information

Product SKU FMR-500E-BEIGE-G
Brand Bosch
Condition New
  • FMR-500E-BEIGE-G Wireless Headset Microphone System (Beige)
  • FMR-500E-BEIGE-G Diversity Receiver
  • WT-500 Belt-Pack Transmitter
  • RE97 Miniature Head-worn Microphone