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In-Ground Speakers

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  1. Bogen IG4M Bollard-Style In-ground/Stake-Mount Satellite Speaker, Mulch Brown Color Enclosure

    The IG4M is the latest in broad area coverage, high performance "satellite" speakers from NEAR. Thoughtful design touches like double Perfect Fit connectors, 70V/16- ohm operation, and included ground stake make the IG4M easy to install. With its advanced NEAR audio technologies, such as ultra low...
  2. Bogen IGS212M 12" In-ground/On-ground Subwoofer, Mulch Brown Color Enclosure

    Enjoy more bass output than a 15-inch woofer from a single12-inch woofer enclosure! Dual 12-inch metal diaphragm woofers are mated with an innovative enclosure to bring discerning listeners the greatest bass depth, impact, definition, and musicality available from any outdoor residential subwoofer,...
  3. Bogen IGS100M 10" In-ground/On-ground Subwoofer, Mulch Brown Color Enclosure

    The NEAR IGS100K and IGS100M are updated and improved versions of the original IGS10 and IGS10M models. These new iterations of a classic design deliver exceptional low-frequency performance via ground-breaking engineering. Proprietary Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT) cones and Magnetic Liquid...
  4. Bogen NEARSCAPES-1G44-1DSP Complete Outdoor Audio Speaker System with DSP Amplifier

    The new NEARSCAPES-1G44-1DSP system is a great way to deliver unobtrusive, super high performance sound into outdoor living spaces. This bollard style "satellite/subwoofer" system boasts high clarity at any volume, deep articulate bass, and ultra-low distortion for areas up to 3000 sq. ft....