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In-Ground Speakers

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  1. Bogen IGS100M 10" In-ground/On-ground Subwoofer, Mulch Brown Color Enclosure

    The NEAR IGS100K and IGS100M are updated and improved versions of the original IGS10 and IGS10M models. These new iterations of a classic design deliver exceptional low-frequency performance via ground-breaking engineering. Proprietary Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT) cones and Magnetic Liquid...
  2. Bogen NEARSCAPES-1G44-1DSP Complete Outdoor Audio Speaker System with DSP Amplifier

    The new NEARSCAPES-1G44-1DSP system is a great way to deliver unobtrusive, super high performance sound into outdoor living spaces. This bollard style "satellite/subwoofer" system boasts high clarity at any volume, deep articulate bass, and ultra-low distortion for areas up to 3000 sq. ft....