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  • Bosch LA3-VARI-EL Vari-Directional Array Extension Unit, limited quantities, White Bosch LA3-VARI-EL Vari-Directional Array Extension Unit, limited quantities, White

Bosch LA3-VARI-EL Vari-Directional Array Extension Unit, limited quantities, White


Bosch | SKU: LA3-VARI-EL | Model: LA3-VARI-EL

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Bosch LA3-VARI-EL Vari-Directional Array Extension Unit, limited quantities, White
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Bosch LA3-VARI-EL | The modular steel-cased array units can be mounted indoors or outdoors, flat against the wall or even flush-mounted. Fast Shipping. Buy Now.

The LA3-VARI-EL from Bosch is a vari extension unit in limited quantities increases the loudspeaker size to 11.9' and the throw to 164'. Up to 2 extension units can be used with one base unit.


Superior Technology For Superb Acoustics

  • Hard construction materials applied in buildings such as railway stations, airports, places of worship and conference centers, lead to disturbing reverberation. Vari-directional Arrays from Bosch overcome this challenge to deliver unmatched acoustical performance in difficult environments
  • Thanks to digitally controlled directivity, sound is only sent where it is needed, producing an optimal sound field with perfect speech intelligibility
  • The modular steel-cased array units can be mounted indoors or outdoors, flat against the wall or even flush-mounted. With their unobtrusive, elegant design, they are the perfect aesthetic choice for any environment or demanding interior

Active Line Array

  • Bosch's active technology covers a large range, up to 50 m, and generates an evenly distributed sound output pattern. Electrical beam steering optimizes audience coverage without wasting output energy on ceilings or open space above the audience. As less reverberation is generated, this results in excellent speech intelligibility

EVAC Compliant

  • Full EVAC compliance means that the arrays conform to local and international requirements for voice-alarm applications. All the amplifier and loudspeaker components are fully supervised. Provisions for fault-detection and backup power supply are available for public address and voice alarm systems like Plena and Praesideo

Automated Configuration

  • The Bosch Configuration Software makes it easier than ever to configure a line array. By simply entering the room dimensions and the speaker mounting height, the software automatically generates the optimal setting for the beam in real-time. The final solution is perfect, without the need for time-consuming manual configuration

Easy, Intuitive Software Interface

  • The software menus are straightforward to use and easy to understand. A unique feature is that the software generates a real-time visual coverage pattern to check how the beam will be steered. Changing the parameters will instantly change the coverage pattern. Furthermore, the software features a complete on-line monitoring screen for Vari-directional Array diagnostics
  • The software can fully control the built-in delay, equalization, supervision parameters for Voice Evacuation applications and offers automatic volume control for noisy environments

Interchangeable Data

  • When a 3-dimensional analysis of room-acoustics is required, the directivity data of the Varidirectional arrays can be easily exported for use in EASE
  • The computer running the configuration software can be connected to the array directly or via a dedicated network by means of an RS485/USB connection

Superb Speech Intelligibility

  • Due to the optimal sound beam, there is no sound-energy loss and no disturbing reverberation, resulting in clear and easy-to-understand recorded messages and live speech. All relevant frequencies are present in the listening area, due to constant directivity. All frequency octaves are spread equally, for great music reproduction

Fewer Installation Points

  • The long throw, combined with the wide horizontal opening angle and built-in amplifiers, means that fewer loudspeakers are needed to cover a large area, even an outdoor space like a recreation park. The result is a significant planning advantage with fewer installation points, less cabling and central equipment
  • Vari-directional Arrays use best-in-class technology to ensure that the target audience hears everything perfectly, whatever the application. Whether it's an announcement of the next train, an inspiring sermon, a musical performance or a multimedia presentation, the message will always come through loud and clear

CobraNet Networking

  • Using the optional CobraNet networking feature, Vari-directional Arrays can operate and be individually addressed in an infrastructure or larger system - such as a Praesideo public address system from Bosch - using the existing Ethernet network

Only A Few Modules Make A World Of Difference

  • Just a few product types provide all the tools to configure a superb loudspeaker system for nearly any environment. The standard base unit (LA3-VARI-B) is rugged enough for outdoor use, while the high-frequency base unit (LA3-VARI-BH) uses coax drivers for improved music reproduction. Both base units contain 8 amplifier channels, input and output connections, digital signal processing and a power supply for a complete array. The extension units, in combination with the base unit, create a loudspeaker that is up to 3.6 m tall and delivers a throw of up to 50 m

Additional Information

Brand Bosch
Condition New
Weatherproof Yes
  • 2 x M5 x 12mm Hex-Headed Bolt
  • 2 x 30mm Hex-Headed Screws With Washers and Wall Plugs
  • Hinged Mounting Bracket