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  • Optex AX-200TF Outdoor 4 CH. Dual Beam w/ Relay Output Optex AX-200TF Outdoor 4 CH. Dual Beam w/ Relay Output
  • Optex AX-200TF Outdoor 4 CH. Dual Beam w/ Relay Output Optex AX-200TF Outdoor 4 CH. Dual Beam w/ Relay Output
  • AX-200TF Detection Range AX-200TF Detection Range

Optex AX-200TF Outdoor 4 CH. Dual Beam w/ Relay Output


Optex | SKU: AX-200TF | Model: AX-200TF

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Optex AX-200TF Outdoor 4 CH. Dual Beam w/ Relay Output
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Optex AX-200TF | Indoor, Outdoor | Clear Viewfinder Visibility | Rain, Dust & Insect Protection | High Grade Aspherical Lens | 99.5% Beam Blocking Stability. Buy Now.

The Optex AX-200TF is a 4-channel select dual beam photoelectric detector featuring a 200' detection zone and form C relay output.

The AX-200TF short range photoelectric detector is compact in design with selectable beam frequencies. The selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid unwanted crosstalk that can occur when using multiple photobeams over long distances or for beam stacking applications. Also the AX-200TF carries the IP65 high durable structure, which prevents water, dust or bugs from getting into the unit. The ideal optical pitch design reduces false alarms due to accidental beam interruption by falling leaves, birds, and so on. These features deliver performance with higher reliability in severe outdoor environmental conditions.

IP65 Structure

Dust-tight. No ingress of dust; Protected against powerful water jets from any direction - Optex uses parts that meet various requirements of international standards in order to meet strict rules for putting safety markings on Optex products. These standards often require that devices meet or surpass certain ratings specified by IP (International Protection) Code. IP tests have been done based on the Standard, IEC529 which is required for all Optex products. IP Codes are often required even for parts or partially assembled products.

Lightning & Surge Protection

Lightning surges are a constant source of problems for electronic equipment that is used outdoors. There are two types of lightning surge: 1) direct strike and 2) induced surge. In a direct lightning strike, the amount of energy dissipated is so great that there is currently no means of protecting electrical equipment from damage. A lightning induced surge may be caused by the movement of charged clouds or a nearby lightning strike. Either of these causes can induced surge voltages in electrical wiring. It is possible to provide some degree of protection against lightning induced surges by installing surge absorbers at appropriate locations as shown in the diagram. The AX series can withstand a lightning surge up to 14kV without damage resulting in faulty operation (IEC801-5 lightning surge noise is the maximum level of the test).

A.G.C. (Automatic Gain Control) Circuit

The A.G.C. Circuit continually monitors for gradual changes in the signal's strength caused by changing weather conditions. It gains the sensitivity accordingly to maintain weather conditions.

Adjustable Beam Interruption Time

By using the Beam Interruption Time potentiometer, it is possible to increase the time the beam must be broken in order to generate an alarm. This will reduce the chance of false alarms being caused by falling leaves, blowing debris or animal or bird movement within the protected area. Refer to the diagram before making any adjustments. If you make the beam Interruption time too long, quickly moving intruders may be able to pass through the beams undetected. After performing this adjustment be certain to do a walk-thru test and confirm that the detector will provide a satisfactory level of protection.

Spherical Fresnel Lens Design

Spherical lens provides a precise focal length to each of the multiple lens segments (uniform distance between each lens segment and the pyroelectric elements). This enable each lens segment to face precisely towards its detection area, and creates detection zones without distortion, achieving a new level in lens design precision.

The spherical fresnel lens differs from the conventional flat fresnel lens in that the distance between the lens and the pyro-electric elements is the same across the entire lens (the focal length is always the same). It therefore collects infrared rays more efficiently.

Each focused image (detection zone) has sharply defined edges (=accurate sensitivity) and it produces the maximum signal contrast against the background area (=high detection performance). This sharp focus provides the maximum signal power to the detector, compared to a weak, sluggish signal created by a poorly focused zone.

AX-200TF Unique Features

Selectable beam frequencies; D.Q. circuit; 4-step alarm indicator LED for fast & accurate optical alignment.

Other Key Features

Anti-frost hood; Easy angle adjustment; 99% beam blocking stability; adjustable beam interruption period.

Additional Information

Product SKU AX-200TF
Brand Optex
Condition New
Technology Photoelectric
Outdoor Use Yes
Connection Wired
Coverage 200'
Power Low Voltage
Mounting Pole, Wall
Home Control Wi-Fi
Features Form C Relay, Heater Option, Tamper Switch
Type Hardwired
Scene Indoor, Outdoor
What's in the Box:
  • (1) - Transmitter
  • (1) - Receiver
  • (4) - Pole Bracket
  • (8) - Mounting Plate Lock Screw
  • (8) - Pole Lock Screw
  • (4) - Wall Mounting Screw
  • (1) - Installation Manual
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty