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A leading manufacturer of white light and infrared illuminators, AXTON has been supplying professional and high-quality products for CCTV surveillance and security applications that is second to none. AXTON engineers have vast experience with R&D and optoelectronics which allows them to design and create a full line of reliable and dependable IR illuminators that can handle the daily demands of CCTV surveillance monitoring.

Collaboration with industry leaders has revolutionized the advancements and concepts of developing infrared illuminators by incorporating new innovative ideas into the products which include solid-state technology and IP/Network systems. With full control over R&D and manufacturing, AXTON delivers OEM and ODM solutions to accommodate specific customer needs and requirements. Featuring over 200+ products in their line to date, AXTON is continuing to strive forward to create more advanced and more reliable white light and infrared illuminators that can handle the ever-changing needs of the CCTV industry.

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Showing 1-15 of 386 Results