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  • Bosch B4512-CP-920-K1 Kit Includes B4512 / B430 / BDL2 / DS937 / B208 Bosch B4512-CP-920-K1 Kit Includes B4512 / B430 / BDL2 / DS937 / B208

Bosch B4512-CP-920-K1 Kit Includes B4512 / B430 / BDL2 / DS937 / B208

Bosch | SKU: B4512-CP-920-K1 | Model: B4512-CP-920-K1

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Bosch B4512-CP-920-K1 Kit Includes B4512 / B430 / BDL2 / DS937 / B208
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4512 KIT, B430, BDL2, DS937, B208.

The B4512 Control Panel integrates intrusion and residential fire, providing one simple user interface for both systems. The B4512 provides up to 28 individually identified points that can be split into 2 areas. The control panel includes a built-in Ethernet port for IP network communications, and is compatible with modules that send events to selected public switched telephone network (PSTN), IP network, or cellular network destinations through four programmable route groups. With the B4512, you can monitor doors, windows, and motion within areas like showrooms or those that hold inventory. Each user can have a personalized passcode, a wireless keyfob, and a credential to control the system.

The B430 provides communication over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) by connecting the PSTN to the control panel. The module provides a single telephone jack, and easily installs into the control panel on-board plug-in module connector.

The ceiling mount DS937 PIR Detector provides panoramic coverage (360° x 14 m [50 ft]). Its low profile design provides a recessed-mount look, even when surface mounted. The wiring and programming options can be accessed without having to remove the detector from the ceiling. With a 14 m (50 ft) diameter coverage pattern, it is an ideal ceiling mounting choice for applications that require spot or 360° detection.

The B208 Octo-input Module is an 8 point expansion device that connects to the control panel through the SDI2 bus. This module is fully supervised and communicates back to the control panel all point status changes. The module expansion points operate the same as the points on the control panel. Industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities are typical installations for the B208 module. The B208 connects to the SDI2 bus on the control panel using SDI2 terminals, or using the interconnect cable. You can connect multiple B208 modules to a single control panel. The B208 address switches allow for ease of use in device addressing.

B4512 Features:

  • Supports up to 28 points using a combination of hardwired or wireless points for installation flexibility and 2 areas with perimeter and interior control
  • On-board Ethernet port for Conettix IP alarm communication and remote programming, compatible with modern IP networks including IPv6/IPv4, Auto-IP and Universal Plug and Play
  • Installer-friendly features including on-board USB for easy on-site RPS programming, plus plug-in PSTN and Cellular communication modules for simple installation and future proof upgrades

B430 Features:

  • Provides a single telephone line with RJ-45 connection for central station reporting and remote programming
  • Easily configured for communications from Remote Programming Software (RPS) or a keypad, eliminating the need for separate configuration

DS937 Features:

  • Low profile design
  • 360° up to 14 m (50 ft) coverage
  • Easy installation
  • First to alarm and alarm memory control

B208 Features:

  • Programmable input point functions
  • Easy to read switch addressing
  • 2 interconnect wiring connectors

Additional Information

Product SKU B4512-CP-920-K1
Brand Bosch
Condition New
Kit Options Keypad / Keyfob, Transformer
Zones 2-Zones
User Interface LCD Keypad
Home Control Wi-Fi
Zone Options 28
Style Wired, Wireless