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Bosch D7212GV4K7 Kit Include D7212GV4 /D1255 /D8103 /B208 /ISC-BDL2-WP12G

Bosch | SKU: D7212GV4K7 | Model: D7212GV4K7

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Bosch D7212GV4K7 Kit Include D7212GV4 /D1255 /D8103 /B208 /ISC-BDL2-WP12G
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GV4 panels are the premier commercial control panel line from Bosch. GV4 panels integrate intrusion and fire, providing one simple user interface for all systems. With the ability to adapt to large and small applications, the D7212GV4 provides up to 40 individually identified points that can be split into 4 areas. The control panel includes a communicator that sends events to selected public switched telephone network (PSTN), IP network, or cellular network destinations through four programmable route groups.

Each D1255 Series VFD Keypad model is an SDI bus compatible device that works with the G Series Control Panels and the D9124 Addressable Fire Alarm Panel. Each keypad model has an illuminated keypad, 16-character English language vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), and a sounder that emits eight tones.

Grey steel enclosure measuring 41 cm x 41 cm x 9 cm (16 in. x 16 in. x 3.5 in.).

The B208 Octo-input Module is an 8 point expansion device that connects to the control panel through the SDI2 bus. This module is fully supervised and communicates back to the control panel all point status changes. The module expansion points operate the same as the points on the control panel. Industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities are typical installations for the B208 module. The B208 connects to the SDI2 bus on the control panel using SDI2 terminals, or using the interconnect cable. You can connect multiple B208 modules to a single control panel. The B208 address switches allow for ease of use in device addressing.

The Blue Line Gen2 TriTech Motion Detectors (ISCBDL2) use a combination of passive infrared (PIR) and microwave detection technologies with advanced signal processing. The pet-friendly (-WP) models generate alarms for human intruders without generating false alarms for pets. These small unobtrusive detectors are simple to install and do not need field adjustments.

Short-body lock set with one key supplied. Uses the D102 (#1358) replacement key.

D7212GV4 Features

  • Fully integrated intrusion and fire, allows users to interface with one system instead of two
  • Up to 4 programmable areas, each supporting both perimeter and interior points
  • 40 points with flexible configuration options to meet multiple installation requirements
  • Your choice of touch screen, vacuum florescent, ATM style or LED keypads
  • Conettix IP-based communication options provide high-speed, secure alarm transport and control through connection of wired and/or cellular network interfaces

D1255 Features

  • Easy to read vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
  • Easy system control with menu keys
  • User controlled brightness and volume
  • Installer configured menus, text, and custom functions
  • Multiple or single area configurations

B208 Features

  • Programmable input point functions
  • Easy to read switch addressing
  • 2 interconnect wiring connectors
  • Provides eight points

ISC-BDL2-WP12G Features

  • Pet-friendly Selectable model available – optimize installation for pet (45 kg [100 lb]) and non-pet applications
  • Dynamic Temperature Compensation – superior catch performance in any environment
  • Microwave Noise Adaptive processing – reduce false alarms from repetitive sources
  • Wall to Wall Coverage – superior catch performance
  • Flexible Mounting Height, No Adjustments – reduce installation time and false alarms, improve catch performance

D101 Features

  • Short-body lock set with one key supplied

Additional Information

Product SKU D7212GV4K7
Brand Bosch
Condition New
Kit Options Keypad / Keyfob, PIR Motion Sensor
Zones 4-Zones
User Interface LCD Keypad
Home Control Wi-Fi
Zone Options 40
Style Wired, Wireless