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  • Louroe Electronics DG-12II Sound Activated Alarming Audio Base Station Louroe Electronics DG-12II Sound Activated Alarming Audio Base Station
  • One-Way Wiring Requirements One-Way Wiring Requirements

Louroe Electronics DG-12II Sound Activated Alarming Audio Base Station


Louroe Electronics | SKU: DG-12II | Model: LE-065

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Louroe Electronics DG-12II Sound Activated Alarming Audio Base Station
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***NOTE: For two-way listen/talkback communications, the DG-MA Listen/Talkback Amplifier must be used (see accessories, above).

Louroe Electronics model DG-12II is a 12-zone alarming sound activated audio monitoring base station. When combined with companion unit DG-MA (Listen/Talkback Amplifier) and interfaced with remote speaker/microphones, it provides a sound activated duress audio system with two-way communications. Each zone has a variable threshold level control, based on frequency and sound pressure level, and a variable alarm delay (from 0.1 to 3.2 seconds) that can be set by using the built-in tester for alarm audio and time delay. The time delay feature is effective in reducing false alarms. The DG-12II is supplied with 12 zone cards. When a sound or disturbance occurs that is below the preset threshold level, the nearest microphone detects the sound and identifies the zone with a lighted LED that blinks GREEN. If the sound increases, the LED intensifies to a solid GREEN. If it exceeds the preset threshold, the zone goes into alarm, with the zone LED changing to RED, along with a 3 second beep. A relay contact closes to activate a camera or other annunciation. The person at the remote station can communicate hands-free with personnel at the base station. The person at the DG-12II can talk/listen with the remote station by pressing the zone switch. Talk-back to the remote station is with a handheld microphone (provided) that is connected to the companion DG-MA Listen/Talkback Amplifier. Zone alarm can be cancelled by automatic or manual reset feature. Automatic reset can run between 3 sec. and 3 minutes. All Louroe microphones (models: A, B, C, D, D-V, E, K and L-DT) and all speaker/microphones (models: TLI, TLM, TLMC, TLO, TLSP and TLSP-PB) are compatible with the DG-12II.


  • 19" rack mountable
  • Variable threshold level control based on frequency and sound pressure
  • Bi-color LED (each zone) - GREEN when monitoring, RED when in alarm
  • Variable alarm delay control (from 0.1 to 3.2 seconds)
  • NO/NC relay contacts for each zone for activating camera or other annunciations
  • Two threshold level settings - HIGH (night) and LOW (day)
  • DAY and NIGHT threshold sensitivity switch
  • Automatic or manual reset for alarm cancellation: auto reset variable from 3 sec. to 3 min.
  • Built-in tester for alarm audio and time delay configuration
  • Zone expansion (for up to six microphones or speaker/microphones per zone using model MLA-6 mixer)


  • 1-Year


Additional Information

Product SKU DG-12II
Brand Louroe Electronics
Condition New
Application Listen/Talk
Zones 12-Zones
Alarming Sound Activated
Mounting Rack
Power 15V DC
Compatibility Sound Activated Alarming Sys.
Features Contact Closures
# of Areas 12