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  • Videolarm IR200-36 Long range 100-660ft Infrared Illuminator Videolarm IR200-36 Long range 100-660ft Infrared Illuminator
  • IR200-36, Videolarm Illumination Products IR200-36, Videolarm Illumination Products

Videolarm IR200-36 Long range 100-660ft Infrared Illuminator

Moog | SKU: IR200-36 | Model: IR200-36

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Videolarm's IR200-36 infrared illuminator provides superior night time surveillance for all low light applications. Constructed out of a lightweight, rugged, weather resistant housing, the IR200-36 has been designed with the functionality to illuminate areas of 100 feet to 660 feet, based solely around your requirements, by simply adjusting the power strength by three distinct settings: high, medium and low. Another added benefit is the ability to manually adjust the IRs projecting beam angle from 30 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree to better accommodate your monitoring needs. The end result is an IR unit that is future-proof to your video surveillance needs. Accompanied with Videolarm's impressive five-year warranty, the IR200-36 is equipped with LED technology which require low power to operate and a 20,000 hour life cycle.

  • Fully adjustable - One Model for all Applications
  • Adjustable beam angle 30 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree
  • Adjustable IR power setting for illuminating various distances: 30m - 200m
  • LED technology: 20,000 hour life cycle
  • Illuminate distances from 100ft (30m) to 660ft (200m)
  • Low power requirements: 15 - 42 watts
  • Light sensor which automatically activates or deactivates IR
  • 24vac or 18vdc input power
  • Optional brackets and mounts available
  • Automatic fan for heat dissipation
  • Surge protection, user replaceable fuse

5 Year Limited Warranty

Additional Information

Product SKU IR200-36
Brand Moog
Condition New
Distance Range 600-699 Feet
Wavelength 850 NM
Angle Range 21-30° Angle, 31-40° Angle, 41-50° Angle, 51-60° Angle