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Optex KX-08 Pet Tolerant Ceiling Mount PIR

Optex KX-08 Pet Tolerant Ceiling Mount PIR

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The Optex KX-08 is a residential pet tolerant ceiling mount passive infra-red (PIR) motion detector featuring a 360 degree 25' to 40' coverage area.

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Model: KX-08

Condition: New

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The Optex KX-08 is a residential pet tolerant ceiling mount passive infra-red (PIR) motion detector featuring a 360 degree 25' to 40' coverage area.

The KX-08 combines the ease of installation and good looks of a ceiling mounted sensor with the reliability of Optex's unique Quad-Zone Logic. Using this logic, the KX-08 has been designed to give extremely high false alarm protection with tolerance to spot temperature changes from curtains or small -to medium -sized animals. Optex's Optical Quad Technology uses taller detection zones divided into upper and lower areas. It detects IR energy changes in both areas and then couples them for extremely accurate detections. KX-08 provides very high reliability, ease of installation and blends perfectly in the room with its small ceiling mount design.

Quad Zone Logic - Recognized Humans and Ignores Most Small Animals

Quad Zone Logic provides multi segmented detection zones over the detection area. An alarm signal is created by the cumulated total IR energy of each zone. It is designed so that a human sized target will normally fill 4 to 8 zones, and this will cause an alarm to be generated. Any smaller temperature change (e.g. small -to medium -sized pets, rodents or moving curtains) only activates one or two zones at the same time creating a much weaker detection signal. Pet immunity applies to animals 0 to 16 inches in height. These signals are further analyzed by the "ECO" Chip and signal processing circuit for accurate detection of humans and avoidance of most small animals.

Spherical Fresnel Lens Design

Spherical lens provides a precise focal length to each of the multiple lens segments (uniform distance between each lens segment and the pyroelectric elements). This enable each lens segment to face precisely towards its detection area, and creates detection zones without distortion, achieving a new level in lens design precision.

The spherical fresnel lens differs from the conventional flat fresnel lens in that the distance between the lens and the pyro-electric elements is the same across the entire lens (the focal length is always the same). It therefore collects infrared rays more efficiently.

Each focused image (detection zone) has sharply defined edges (=accurate sensitivity) and it produces the maximum signal contrast against the background area (=high detection performance). This sharp focus provides the maximum signal power to the detector, compared to a weak, sluggish signal created by a poorly focused zone.

Advanced Temperature Compensation

At a higher ambient temperature, the temperature difference between the background and a human body will be reduced. In this case the PIR could fail to readily detect a human body. With conventional temperature compensation functions, the sensitivity of detector must be set higher at 35 degree C than the sensitivity at 25 degree C (normal temperature) in order for the detector to offer a stable performance. However, with this setting, the sensitivity of the detector is excessively high at 40 degree C or over, which could lead to various problems. To overcome this drawback, Optex's advanced temperature compensation function allows the detector's sensitivity to automatically drop at 40 degree C or higher so that the detector can perform more reliably within a wider ambient temperature range.

Brand Optex
Condition New
Outdoor Use No
Technology Passive Infrared
Power Low Voltage
Coverage 25' x 25'
Features Pet Tolerant
Connection Wired
Mounting Ceiling

  • One (1) KX-08 Detector

  • One (1) Installation/User's Manual

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

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