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  • Optex MX-40PI Pet Immune PIR/Microwave Detector Optex MX-40PI Pet Immune PIR/Microwave Detector
  • Optex MX-40PI Pet Immune PIR/Microwave Detector Optex MX-40PI Pet Immune PIR/Microwave Detector
  • Optex MX-40PI Pet Immune PIR/Microwave Detector Optex MX-40PI Pet Immune PIR/Microwave Detector

Optex MX-40PI Pet Immune PIR/Microwave Detector


Optex | SKU: MX-40PI | Model: MX-40PI

Product Highlights

The Optex MX-40PI is a residential / commercial pet tolerant passive infra-red (PIR) / microwave combination motion detector featuring a 40' x 40' coverage area.
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Optex MX-40PI | Scene: Indoor | Spherical lens design | Noise reduction circuit | Pet Immune PIR/Microwave Detector. Buy Now, Call (866) 440-2288

The Optex MX-40PI is a commercial / residential pet tolerant combination passive infra-red (PIR) / microwave motion detector featuring a 40' x 40' coverage area.

The MX-40PI combines state of the art microwave and PIR technologies in attractive, easy-to-install units and underlines Optex's absolute commitment to provide detectors with unprecedented reliability and detection performance at very reasonable prices. Incorporating Anti-Crosstalk technology, which prevents false alarms caused by microwave interference when several detectors are operating in the same area, and also Quad Zone Logic, which discriminates between humans and other sources of infra-red (IR), the MX-40PI is unrivaled in its performance.

Anti-Crosstalk System

Optex's anti-cross talk system reduces interference effects to the lowest possible level because this unique technology allows the design of antenna settings differently from conventional methods. When several detectors are placed in combination in one area, false alarms may occur due to matching frequencies, because microwaves from each detector may cause interference with each other. But Anti-Crosstalk System greatly reduces interference to prevent false alarms.

Microwave Area Shaping Technology

When microwave and PIR detection are used together, the detection areas of each must be the same in order to make accurate detection. But traditionally this can be a problem because: 1) microwaves are not always limited by objects such as wall, windows and partitions, whereas PIR detection is; 2) the distances at which microwaves can detect movement tend to be far greater than those required by internal intruder detection applications. Microwave Area Shaping Technology overcomes these problems by matching the microwave detection area to that of the PIR and by limiting it to the room being covered. Long or short distance can be set roughly, by selecting the range using the switch and more precise adjustment is obtained. By doing this, false alarms from beyond the required coverage area or outside the room in question are avoided. Since the detection area has uniform sensitivity, which minimizes false activation's caused by spot movement in the detection area e.g. small animals.

The microwave antenna of the MX-series sensors are tilted at 45 degree so that MX sensors installed vis- -vis in the same room may have polarization planes crossing each other at 90 degree. This liberates both sensors from interference from the other sensor. Likewise, MX sensors fixed back to back (or vis- -vis) in adjacent rooms may also be free from mutual microwave interference because their polarization planes cross each other at 90 degree. The polarization plane of microwaves emitted from one sensor differs from that of microwaves coming from the other sensor. This sets both sensors free from mutual interference.

Spherical Fresnel Lens Design

Spherical lens provides a precise focal length to each of the multiple lens segments (uniform distance between each lens segment and the pyroelectric elements). This enable each lens segment to face precisely towards its detection area, and creates detection zones without distortion, achieving a new level in lens design precision.

The spherical fresnel lens differs from the conventional flat fresnel lens in that the distance between the lens and the pyro-electric elements is the same across the entire lens (the focal length is always the same). It therefore collects infrared rays more efficiently.

Each focused image (detection zone) has sharply defined edges (=accurate sensitivity) and it produces the maximum signal contrast against the background area (=high detection performance). This sharp focus provides the maximum signal power to the detector, compared to a weak, sluggish signal created by a poorly focused zone.

Quad Zone Logic

The highly accurate and reliable detection pattern will maintain its sensitivity through the entire detection area, even in high temperature or low contrast environments. Quad zone logic creates an extremely high vertical zone density, two or three times the size of conventional PIRs. These taller zones capture the entire body mass and enable detection of even the smallest temperature contrast against the background. In addition, the vertical detection density has been improved to take into account dead zones created by furniture or partitions.

Noise Reduction Circuit

The noise reduction circuit provides reliable performance against outside noise such as electromagnetic interference and noise caused from fluorescent lights. As a result, the possibility of false alarms is greatly reduced.

Other Notable Features

Easy microwave range selector; easy wiring knockouts; compact, stylish design.

Additional Information

Product SKU MX-40PI
Brand Optex
Condition New
Technology PIR/Microwave
Connection Wired
Coverage 40' x 40'
Power Low Voltage
Mounting Wall
Home Control Wi-Fi
Features Pet Tolerant
Type Hardwired
Scene Indoor
Package Contents:
  • One (1) MX-40PI Detector
  • One (1) Installation/User's Manuals
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty