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Varifocal Lenses

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  1. Fujinon YV2-7X2-9LR4D-SA2L 1/3-inch 2.9-8mm F0.95 Day/Night Aspherical DC Auto-Iris Vari-Focal Lens

    *Advanced design engineering and special optic glass adopted, best suited for color, monochrome and day and night cameras Unparalleled brightness at the maximum aperture of F0.95, optimizing the performance at low lighting intensity Super wide angle spec, WIDE 2.9mm, achieving the horizontal...
  2. ViewZ VZ-A308AVDCIR 1/3" D/N Vari-Focal Lens w/DC Auto-Iris 3-8mm

    1/3" Day/Night Vari-Focal with DC Auto-Iris 3–8mm F0.95 – CS-Mount. Compatible with 1/3" Cameras. An auto-iris lens without an internal circuit to control the iris. All iris control voltages come from a circuit located within the camera to adjust the iris for changing light...
  3. ViewZ VZ-A308AVMIR 1/3" Day/Night Vari-Focal Lens w/Manual Iris 3-8mm

    1/3" Day/Night Vari-Focal with Manual Iris 3–8mm F0.95– CS-Mount. Compatible with 1/3" Cameras. Type:Vari Focal-IR Focal length:3-8mm Format:1/3" Iris type:Manual...