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Varifocal Lenses

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  1. Computar H2Z0414C-MP 1/2-inch 4-8mm f1.4 Varifocal, Manual Iris

    Dedicated design emphasis on the performance for close-up applications required in factory automation and image processing areas. Low Distortion. Assured excellent light intensity even in peripheral areas. Robust design with built-in locking mechanisms for focus and iris. 1/2" Format Cameras...
  2. ViewZ VZ-B612VM 1/2" Vari-Focal Lens with Manual Iris 6-12mm

    1/2" VF 6-12mm F1.4, Manual Type:Vari Focal Focal length:6-12mm Format:1/2" Iris type:Manual...
  3. ViewZ VZ-B880VIR-MP 1.5MP D/N Vari-focal Lens w/ Manual-Iris 8-80mm

    1.5 megapixel lens, 1/2" format with a focal length of 8mm - 80mm, providing a range of viewing angles for your security camera....