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Varifocal Lenses

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  1. American Dynamics ADSL183A Theia 183 Auto-Iris 1.8-3mm Vari-Focal Lens

    Theia 183 auto-iris 1.8-3mm vari-focal lens Theia's patented Linear Optical Technology provides an ultra wide field of view without barrel distortion Wide angle lenses concentrate light to the center of the image, and dissipate it at the edges Theia lenses create smooth, consistent images that...
  2. Axis 5503-161 Theia 1.8-3mm Varifocal Ultra Wide Lens

    The Axis fixed network cameras are equipped with carefully selected lenses to provide the best possible performance and durability. A wide variety of different CS mount lenses helps meet different surveillance requirements or specifications such as resolution, focal length or aperture. The match...
  3. Bosch LVF-5005C-S1803 SR 5 Megapixel IR Corrected Lens, 1.8-3mm

    Bosch LVF-5005C-S1803 | SR megapixel optical resolution | 1/2.5-inch and 1/2-inch formats | Desired Aperture: F/1.8 | Zoom Size: Manual | Max Focal Length: 3mm. Buy Now. The LVF-5005C-S1803 from Bosch is a SR 5 Megapixel IR Corrected Lens, 1.8-3mm. This range of Super Resolution (SR) megapixel...
  4. Computar H5Z2518C-MP 3Mp Manual Iris Varifocal Lens, 25-135mm

    Product Features 1/2" Lens Format 3 Megapixel Manual Iris Varifocal 25-135mm Focal Length Full HD Format Ultra long range telephoto capability Corner Brightness Precise Focus Adjustment Manual Iris C-Mount...