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Varifocal Lenses

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  1. Tamron M12VG412 1/2-inch 4-12mm F1.4 Aspherical Megapixel Compatible DC Auto-Iris Vari-Focal Lens w/Connector

    Tamron's ultra high defintion Megapixel compatible Vari-Focal lens series derives maximum performance from meg-pixel cameras to provide the best solution for your megapixel camera applications. 1/2" Lens Format C-Mount 4 Megapixel 4-12mm Focal Length F1.4 Max Aperture DC Auto-Iris...
  2. Tamron 12VG412ASIR-SQ 4-12mm Aspherical IR DC Auto-Iris Vari-Focal

    The Latest optical designs compensate for various abberrations that occur in the visible and near infrared ranges for sharp images in all applications. Tamron's IR lenses meet the performance charictaristics of Day/Night cameras 100%, for real 24 hour surveillance. IR 1/2" Lens Format...
  3. Arecont Vision MPL4-12 4-12mm Manual Iris Varifocal Lens

    The Arecont Vision MPL4-12 4-12mm, 1/2", f/1.4, CS-mount, IR Corrected Lens. MPL Vari-Focal Lenses are used in conjunction with Arecont Vision 1.3MP to 5MP MegaVideo cameras to deliver maximum performance and image quality. Features Larger aperture Higher Sharpness Lower Distortion Better...
  4. Computar H5Z2518C-MP 3Mp Manual Iris Varifocal Lens, 25-135mm

    Product Features 1/2" Lens Format 3 Megapixel Manual Iris Varifocal 25-135mm Focal Length Full HD Format Ultra long range telephoto capability Corner Brightness Precise Focus Adjustment Manual Iris C-Mount...