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Varifocal Lenses

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  1. Pelco 13VD2-5-6 2.5-6.0 mm F1.4, Direct Drive AI Spot Filter, CS-Mount

    Pelco 13VD2-5-6 | 2.5-6.0 mm (2.4X) Variable Focal Length | Direct Drive Auto Iris Control | CS-Mount | Format: 1/3" | Iris Control: DC Auto Iris. Buy Now. Fast Shipping. Pelco's 13VD Series 1/3-inch varifocal lenses offer versatile and flexible packages in one basic lens. Each auto iris lens in...
  2. ViewZ VZ-A256VDC 1/3" Vari-Focal Lens w/DC Auto-Iris 2.5-6mm CS-Mount

    1/3" Vari-Focal with DC Auto-Iris 2.5–6mm F1.4 – CS-Mount. Compatible with 1/3" Cameras. An auto-iris lens without an internal circuit to control the iris. All iris control voltages come from a circuit located within the camera to adjust the iris for changing light levels....
  3. ViewZ VZ-A256VM 1/3" Standard Veri-Focal Lens w/Manual 2.5-6mm

    1/3" 2.5-6mm F1.4, Manual, CS. An iris that can be manually adjusted for different lighting conditions. This type of lens is normally used for fixed lighting applications or in conjunction with the electronic iris in the camera if the scene lighting level changes. Type:Vari Focal Focal...