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Varifocal Lenses

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  1. Veilux SVL-05100A Auto Iris Varifocal Lens, 5-100mm

    Product Features 5-100mm Focal Length Aperture: 1.8~360 CS Mount 1/3" Max Sensor Size DC Auto-Iris Angle of View for 1/3" - 44 degree ~2.7 degree Angle of View for 1/4" - 41.2 degree ~2.1 degree...
  2. ViewZ VZ-A5100VDC 1/3" Vari-Focal Lens with DC Auto-Iris 5-100mm

    1/3" Vari-Focal with DC Auto-Iris 5–100mm F1.6 – CS-Mount. Compatible with 1/3" Cameras. An auto-iris lens without an internal circuit to control the iris. All iris control voltages come from a circuit located within the camera to adjust the iris for changing light levels....