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Varifocal Lenses

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  1. American Dynamics L35814CS 3.5 - 8 mm Vari-focal Lens F1.4 Manual Iris

    Lens, 3.5 - 8 mm vari-focal, F1.4, manual iris, 1/3", CS. American Dynamics offers a wide range of lenses ensuring that, no matter the application, there is a lens available to suit your need. All of our high quality, compact lenses are specially designed to deliver the best picture quality...
  2. American Dynamics L41016CS 1/2" 4.5-10 mm Vari-Focal Manual Iris Lens

    Lens, 4.5 - 10 mm vari-focal, F1.6, manual iris, 1/2", CS. The American Dynamics auto iris lenses are specifically designed to produce consistent video signals under variable-light conditions. These high quality auto iris lenses offer high contrast, color corrected optics (for clear, true images),...