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Triplett TVR10/100/1000K(CS) LAN Cable Tester


Triplett | SKU: TVR10/100/1000K(CS) | Model: TVR10/100/1000K(CS)

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Triplett TVR10/100/1000K(CS) LAN Cable Tester
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Triplett LAN Cable Tester. The Triplett TVR10/100/1000K(CS) is a LAN Tester performs 4 critical tests of hubs, switches, PCs, and cables. It instantly displays device type (hub/switch or PC), speed (10, 100, or 1,000 MB/s; advertised speed), duplex (half, full), and PoE (Power over Ethernet). With inline capability, this easy-to-use tester can test the negotiated speed and PoE. It can also test and trace coax cables via 2 RJ-45/coax adapters.

  • Inline capability to go between 2 LAN devices and check the speed and duplex of the link (negotiated speed)
  • It is also pair tester telling you which pairs are wired and whether they are straight through or crossover
  • Can be used as a tone generator. The main unit generates the tone for use by the remote probe
  • Test and trace coax cables with the 2 RJ-45/coax adapters

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Product SKU TVR10/100/1000K(CS)
Brand Triplett
Condition New