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Macurco MACU-CM-1 Carbon Monoxide CO Single-Gas Monitor


Macurco | SKU: MACU-CM-1 | Model: 70-0714-0204-7

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Macurco MACU-CM-1 Carbon Monoxide CO Single-Gas Monitor
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Carbon Monoxide Co Single-Gas Monitor. The Macurco Single-Gas Monitor Series is designed to continuously monitor the ambient environment and notify the user if the level of the target gas reaches the alarm set point for the monitor. The device is designed to operate for two years and then be disposed of according to local regulations. The Macurco Single-Gas Monitor is available in two other versions: HS-1 and OX-1, to monitor either Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) or Oxygen (O2).

The components of the Macurco Single-Gas Monitor are assembled in an ABS/PC plastic housing. Located on the front face of the unit is an ON/MENU button, the display (LCD), sensor inlet, audio alarm opening, visual alarm LED. On the back of the instrument is an alligator pocket/belt clip and a label containing the intrinsic safety information and serial number.

An internal microprocessor controls the indication and alarm functions in response to the signals received from an electrochemical sensor permanently mounted inside the unit. When turned on, it continuously monitors the ambient air that enters the sensor through the sensor inlet opening by the process of passive diffusion. If the level of the target gas detected by the sensor reaches a preset alarm point, the unit will alarm (see the specifications section).

  • Permanently mounted, non-rechargeable 3.6- volt Lithium battery
  • Help protect against potentially hazardous levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Reliable, 2-year performance at an affordable price
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP54
  • 0-995 ppm (CO)

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Product SKU MACU-CM-1
Brand Macurco
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