360º Security Cameras

In an ever-changing world, taking security and surveillance measures to protect our homes, businesses, and public spaces is important to keeping safe. Enter 360º cameras. These security devices offer wide coverage and advanced features to help protect what you care about the most.

What is a 360º Camera?

360º cameras, also known as panoramic cameras are unique because they record in all directions, and at the same time. These cameras don’t need to move or rotate to see what’s going on. Instead, they feature a special lens to record everything simultaneously and stitch the image together. 360º security cameras may be a great addition to your security plan because they’re incredibly efficient at what they do. Each camera can see a large area at once. You might even be able to replace multiple cameras with just one 360º camera!


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Showing 1-15 of 371 Results

How Does Imaging Work?

The human eye has around a 120-degree field of vision while 360º security cameras record three times as much! Because cameras like these take in so much information all at once, they require a special kind of lens to make this possible. This type of lens is called a fisheye lens. It captures a hemispherical or spherical, wide-angle view of its surroundings. 360-degree cameras employ either one fish eye lens or several to capture up to 200 degrees of image per lens. The images are stitched together and a complete 360-degree view is created in real-time. The only problem is that what the fisheye lens captures can look quite distorted to the human eye.

Thankfully 360º security cameras often come with digital tools to make security footage more human-friendly! Special software dewarps the recording so people can understand it. These stabilization features let individuals or a security team see what’s happening at all times. 

Reasons to Buy a 360º Security Camera

Investing in a 360-degree security camera may be a good idea for many reasons. For starters, they may lessen the need for multiple cameras on site, which can make it a more budget-friendly option. You can also enjoy wide area coverage while being more discreet. And then there's the advantage of capturing real-time footage. Let's dive into this topic a bit further, as there's more to cover!

Reduce The Number of Cameras Onsite

A major benefit of 360-degree cameras is that they can cover a much larger area than individual traditional ones, which means there’s less need for multiple surveillance devices. This not only reduces installation costs but also lowers the cost of maintenance while still providing an all-encompassing view.

For instance, rather than using several cameras to observe a large place such as a car lot, maybe just one 360-degree camera will do. Of course, a lot will depend on how big your space is!

Hide In Plain View

Some 360º cameras are designed to blend into their surroundings without being spotted. Take the Reolink KEEN Ranger PT 3G/4G Outdoor Day/Night PTZ Camera, for example. Its camo design helps it blend into natural settings extremely well. The Axis 01980-001 Q6010-E 4 x 5 MP 360° Network Camera with 21X Lens takes things to a whole nother level. This incredible camera is designed to look just like a cardboard box. How's that for blending in? Many are made to match or fit in with existing decor, so you can record your environment without detection. Practically hidden in plain sight.

Cover Large Spaces

360-degree cameras offer an unparalleled level of security for wide areas, creating a full view that leaves no blind spots. They have the ability to capture important footage within their field of vision, meaning you may no longer need multiple devices to cover your desired space.

A 360-degree camera system can provide comprehensive surveillance over large spaces so that it can capture as much footage as possible.

Real-Time Monitoring & Powerful Analytics

For improved safety and security, 360-degree cameras offer unparalleled monitoring capabilities. Certain devices are equipped with powerful analytics built-in - like heat maps, people counting, moving object remover, and more. A wide range of features such as facial recognition technology, motion detection, and remote access can allow you to keep an eye on any suspicious activity in real time.

Choosing the Right Camera - What to Look For

When looking for the right 360-degree camera to fit your needs, you'll want to think about several factors. These include connection type, whether you're going to use it indoors or outdoors, resistance against weather conditions, as well as vandalism protection, not to mention audio/video features. We'll go into more detail right below!

Connection type (Wireless or Wired)

If you’re trying to decide between a wired or wireless connection for your 360-degree camera setup, it will ultimately come down to what best fits your needs and preferences. While wiring provides increased reliability and security during use, installation of cables can be a lot of work. Alternatively, opting for the more convenient route with WiFi comes at the cost of potentially weaker security standards that may be subject to interference.

Indoor or outdoor use & Weather Resistance

When deciding to purchase a 360-degree camera, take into account whether you will use it inside or out. You'll want to make sure that the device is well equipped and has protection from the elements, such as waterproofing, dustproof capabilities, and temperature resilience. This way you can ensure that your surveillance is reliable in all settings, regardless of the environment. As an indoor option, seek something suitable that also offers dependable coverage no matter what conditions arise.

Vandalism resistance

Investing in cameras that are resistant to vandalism is a must. Many cameras are made out of strong materials such as metal or plastic, these devices make it difficult to gain access and tamper with them. Many come equipped with motion detectors and alarms that will notify you if anyone attempts interference.

Audio recording & 4k Video Capabilities

For good surveillance recordings, look for cameras with 360-degree view and 4K video recording abilities. A better quality of footage can be achieved thanks to the higher resolution imagery that comes from shooting in 4k, along with recorded audio being a useful addition.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a 360-degree camera can be an excellent way to upgrade your security and surveillance system. When deciding on which one is the most suitable for you, think about aspects such as its connection type, outdoor/indoor operation capability, audio feature potentials, and video performance levels, all of these features will guarantee that it provides high-quality results. Finding exactly what fits best with your needs may not always be straightforward, but taking time to research appropriately should help get the perfect camera suited for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 360º camera cost?

When it comes to 360º cameras, depending on the features you want and your budget, prices can range anywhere from around $100 to thousands.

What are the benefits of using 360-degree cameras for security?

The features of 360-degree cameras make them an ideal choice for businesses wanting to increase their security. These devices can offer an impressive viewing experience, while also utilizing fewer cameras to cover larger areas than would otherwise be necessary. The video footage they capture and transmit is viewable in real-time without drawing attention, perfect for those looking after large premises or other sites that need constant vigilance. As such, these innovative solutions provide more coverage with less visibility – offering all the benefits needed from comprehensive surveillance systems but none of the eyesores!

How do 360-degree cameras capture panoramic views?

360-degree cameras employ fish eye lenses to capture up to 200 degrees of image per lens. Through the stitching together of each picture taken with these lenses, a complete 360-degree view is created. This technology has become widely utilized in photography and videography, but the angles recorded at once are especially helpful for security camera purposes.

Are there budget-friendly 360-degree camera options available?

There are budget-friendly cameras on the market such as the Panasonic Advidia M-5360 5MP Fish-Eye Camera with 1.4mm Lens and KJB WF1130 360° Fisheye Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision, 1.44mm Lens. And don't forget about the Hikvision DS-2CD63C5G0-IS-1-29mm 2 Megapixel Network Indoor 360° Camera, 1.29mm Lens, which is another excellent budget-friendly option.

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