Dome Security Cameras

Using a dome security camera is a great way to protect your home or business. According to a study by the University of North Carolina, simply seeing a security camera, like a dome security camera, can help deter a would-be burglar. In fact, 60% of burglars said they would choose a new target if they saw something as simple as an alarm being used. Add on security footage, and would-be burglars will likely think twice.

But which type of security camera is best for you? There are many different kinds available on the market — from Network IP cameras to Thermal Imaging cameras, and many varieties in between. No wonder it's hard to decide. But if you're looking for a camera that's tried and true, then a dome security camera might be the right choice for you. They're one of the most common types of security cameras out there and are frequently used in public spaces.

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Showing 1-15 of 93 Results

What is a Dome Camera?

Dome security cameras are often compared to bullet cameras, but they're actually a different type of device. A dome camera is a camera inside of a dome-shaped clear cover. The cover helps protect the camera from the weather and from being damaged, making them perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Dome security cameras are mounted upside down, typically under ceilings or eaves of buildings. They're helpful in many places, including homes, retail stores, restaurants, schools, banks, construction sites, hospitals, and much more.

The IK Rating of a Dome Camera

The transparent dome that covers the security camera can have a different level of thickness, which determines the amount of damage it can endure. To know its level of strength, you'll want to pay attention to its IK rating.

The IK rating ranges from IK00 to IK10. A rating of IK00 would mean the dome would easily break or crack if hit or dropped. A rating of IK10 would mean the dome could be hit very hard or dropped from 40cm without breaking or cracking.

Why Buy a Dome Security Camera?

Dome cameras, which are round and small in appearance, are attractive and discreet. Due to their minimal design, they blend in more seamlessly on the front of a home or business. But it's not just about their looks. Turns out there are many other advantages to this type of camera.

Burglar Resistant, Vandal Proof Dome Cameras

Thanks to the IK ratings given to all dome cameras, you'll know exactly how much of a beating your camera can take. IK ratings of 10 mean your dome security camera can be hit with about 30 pounds or more of force - that's the same weight as 7 bags of sugar, for reference. This means a burglar would struggle to remove, break, or damage the camera pointed at them — making it less likely they'll target your home. Not only does the dome protect dome cameras from being hit or swung at with force, but it will also protect the camera from a drop or fall.

Weatherproof & Water-Resistant 

The dome protects your security camera from damage in more ways than one. It also keeps dome cameras shielded from the elements, like wind, rain, and hail. This type of security camera has a sealed dome around the camera, meaning water can't get inside either, keeping it dry even during severe rainstorms or snowfall.


The dome security camera's simple design makes it more discreet, causing it to blend in better with its surroundings and be less visible. If you own a business and don't want your customers to feel “watched,” a dome camera is a great way to keep your business safe while helping your guests feel more comfortable. If you're looking for even more discretion, dome cameras also come with darkened or tinted domes, hiding the direction they're pointing.

Indoor and Outdoor Use 

The protective glass surrounding all dome security cameras makes them a perfect device for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you live in California or Colorado, these dome cameras can withstand the weather. They're weatherproof and waterproof because the camera is sealed inside the glass dome, allowing you to place them wherever they're most needed.

Dome Camera Features

These security cameras are very popular among homeowners and businesses thanks to their unique security features. Dome security cameras offer certain security protections not found in other devices, and with their compact design, they've become one of the top choices for consumers

Night Vision

Dome security cameras come equipped with built-in infrared LEDs. These LED lights mean your dome camera delivers sharp and clear images, even in the middle of the night. If you want to ensure your home or business is protected at all hours of the day or night, dome security cameras are a great choice.

Wide Angle of Sight

Dome cameras have a large field of view, up to 180° or even 360°! Most other bullet cameras on the market don't have that range of sight, making dome cameras one of the best options for complete visibility. Certain types of dome cameras called PTZ dome cameras can also rotate horizontally and vertically, making them perfect for monitoring large, open areas.

High Resolution

The resolution of a dome camera ranges from 1080p to 4K 8MP. So say goodbye to blurry and grainy security footage, dome cameras can capture minute details and display them clearly on your monitor. If you need to monitor high-traffic areas like hallways or streets, dome security cameras make face recognition easier with HD recordings.

Types of Dome Cameras

There are three main types of dome cameras, each with their own unique features and abilities. At 123 Security Products, we carry a wide range of dome security cameras — meaning you're sure to find the security camera that's perfect for you! 

PoE Dome Camera

PoE stands for Power-over-Ethernet. This dome camera type only requires one Ethernet network cable for data transmission and power supply. If you're looking for a dome security camera that's easy to install and use, the PoE dome camera is a good bet.

PTZ Dome Camera

PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom. These dome cameras can pan left to right, tilt up or down, and zoom in or out — making them the most versatile dome cameras on the market. The best feature of this dome security camera is its ability to see 360° with no blind spots.

4K Dome Camera

4K dome cameras have an extremely high picture and video resolution. These cameras feature 8 megapixels of high resolution. A 4Kdome camera can show you small details, clear images, and vivid colors that other security cameras can't. If you're looking for a security camera that can capture license plate numbers or facial features — this could be a good fit.

Dome Cameras Available at 123 Security Products

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