License Plate Cameras

License plate cameras make it easy to track who’s on your property. You need to know what cars are in your facility to maintain security and that's where license plate cameras come in. License plate cameras at your entrances and exits will record the license plates on vehicles as they pass. Then you can use the numbers to ID and track cars. This security footage makes for perfect evidence if you ever need it.

Do you manage gated neighborhoods, private parking,  offices, or other properties? Then license plate cameras are useful for controlling who enters a property.No matter what you need to keep safe, we'll help you protect it. We offer a wide variety of the best cameras on the market here at 123 Security Products. Keep reading to discover the benefits, uses, and features of license plate cameras.


Showing 1-15 of 86 Results

Showing 1-15 of 86 Results

How Do They Work?

How do license plate cameras work? First, they record the plates of passing vehicles, using  their built-in license plate recognition system (LPR). This special software recognizes each license plate. Then, an algorithm matches this number to a database. From there, your team can identify the car and take action as needed.

This procedure makes cameras great for law enforcement and logistics. The great thing about these cameras is, you can use them to protect your operations, whatever the size. License plate cameras are used on a large scale around the world thanks to their many uses. Governments, transportation companies, shipping companies and more, all use these cameras for security and plenty of other great reasons as well. 

Governments use license plate cameras to manage border traffic, for example. And transport companies use cameras on toll roads and to track shipments. So these cameras can deliver valuable global insights, but they’re also great on a smaller scale, because these cameras use flexible technology to match your unique needs. And flexibility is only one of many benefits. Let’s talk about those benefits.

The Benefits Of License Plate Cameras

Every type of camera has a different set of advantages that they bring to the table. License plate cameras, most obviously, scan license plates - that’s their claim to fame. But what specific benefits come with that specialization? Explore some of the best advantages of license plate cameras:

Remove Human Error

Security employees can easily make mistakes when they write down license plate numbers. Character-recognition software eliminates those mistakes.

Build A Live Database

License plate cameras record cars in real-time, so you’re tracking your current visitors instead of relying on old information.

Integrate With Your Other Tools

Most cameras can work with third-party security software. This lets you connect your new cameras with your existing data analytics and other tools.

Deter Crime & Reduce It

Vandals and criminals usually avoid specific areas where they see a camera. And if anyone does try something, you’ll have evidence against them.

License Plate Camera Use Cases

Our license plate security cameras can help every organization! These tools give you information about the vehicles on your property. Here are some ways you can use cameras.


Cameras can make your customer experience better, plus make your store more secure. You can uncover and pinpoint regular visitors who don't buy anything—a segment that’s tricky to track and suspicious. These cameras add data about your busiest (and slowest) times of the day. You can even use this information to improve curbside pick-up options. One of the most critical benefits of license cameras in retail is reducing shrinkage.

HOAs, Residential Parking, and Gated Neighborhoods

Your community should always feel safe at home. Keep an eye on who’s in the neighborhood with these security cameras, which record cars coming and going at all hours. Are you struggling with problems like vandalism, trespassing, noise violations, or other issues? License plate footage can help you solve these concerns. You can also streamline deliveries by pre-approving utility vehicles.

Corporate Parking

Automate your parking lots using license plate cameras. Because these cameras recognize plates, they can allow approved vehicles in to park. It’s easy to separate visitor, employee, and facility lots with this system. Cameras also cut down on hit-and-run incidents, abandoned vehicles, and skipped parking fees.

License Plate Camera Features

We carry tons of the best license plate cameras. Each one is different, but they have some features in common. Explore the most popular features these cameras offer.

Crystal-Clear Images

Modern camera technology delivers sharp, readable images in any condition. Count on good pictures day or night, rain or shine, no matter how fast people are driving.

Expanded Capabilities

Do you need even better image quality? We have cameras with all of the most advanced options you could want. These cameras offer tools like superior digital zoom, motion detection, high resolution images, backlight adjustment, white balance, and more.


Our cameras are designed to be outside. They survive and thrive in sun exposure, rain, snow, and all sorts of weather. They’re even designed to survive vandalism, accidents, and other potential issues.

Size Options

No two locations are the same. Your security needs are unique. Maybe you want a big, obvious camera to scare people off. Or maybe a smaller, less obvious camera fits your needs better? We offer different size options to help you find the right fit.

API Integration

You can connect your new cameras to your existing security software. We have multiple API integration options available. These tools can help all your security software tools work together.

NDAA Compliance

Do you need to comply with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)? That’s easy with our selection of NDAA license plate cameras.

Explore License Plate Cameras With 123 Security Products

Security cameras help keep your organization safe. You can protect your investments and your community when you know what's happening on your property. It's easier than ever thanks to modern, reliable license plate cameras from 123 Security Products. You can find the right camera in our wide range of license plate cameras. No matter what size facility you have, there's something for you. Click here to learn about our license plate cameras.