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Seco-Larm SLI762PP-ISS Passive Proximity Immobilizer

Seco-Larm | SKU: SLI762PP-ISS | Model: SLI762PP-ISS

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Seco-Larm SLI762PP-ISS Passive Proximity Immobilizer

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The SLI 762PP-ISS Passive Proximity Immobilizer combines high security with completely passive arming and disarming. Just attach the mini controller to the key chain. Each time the driver turns the ignition on to start the engine, the Immobilizer automatically reads the controller, disarms the system, and allows the vehicle to start.

  • Fully automatic arming 30 seconds after ignition is turned off
  • Simple disarming. Immobilizer automatically reads Controller when starting ignition. No buttons to push
  • Immobilization of up to 3 electrical circuits (e.g. starter, ignition, fuel pump) once system is armed
  • 2 Built-in 30-Amp relays and 1 transistor output
  • 2 Controllers supplied with each unit. Up to 4 controllers can be learned with simple code learning procedure
  • Each controller has millions of possible code combinations
  • Unique security code for override if controller is lost or stolen
  • The flexible sensing coil can be mounted in many positions to make installation easier
  • LED flashes to indicate Immobilizer is armed, disarmed, or triggered
  • Stealth installation—all black wires to help prevent tampering
  • All code information is stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory to protect data in case of power loss
  • Multiple car operation—One controller can work with multiple vehicles

Additional Information

Product SKU SLI762PP-ISS
Brand Seco-Larm
Condition New
Home Control Wi-Fi
Alarm I/O 2/2