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Optex SX-360Z Ceiling Mount PIR with Zoom Function

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Optex SX-360Z Ceiling Mount PIR with Zoom Function

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The Optex SX-360Z is a commercial ceiling mount passive infra-red (PIR) motion detector featuring a 360 degree 60' diameter coverage area and zoom function.

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Model: SX-360Z

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The Optex SX-360Z is a commercial ceiling mount passive infra-red (PIR) motion detector featuring a 360 degree 60' diameter coverage area and zoom function.

The SX-360 Series ceiling-mount detector, with its unique zoom function and highly dense, triple-element detection pattern, provides unsurpassed detection performance at any ceiling height up to 16 feet. By simply twisting the units domed lens, the detection pattern can be easily adjusted at any installation height, making it one of the most versatile ceiling detectors on the market. This, combined with its compact design, makes the SX-360 suitable for a variety of applications large or small, residential or commercial.

Double Conductive Shielding:

By using Optex's patented double conductive shielding, the visible light disturbance and RFI can be blocked.

  • Visible Light Protection - Visible light disturbance protection will prevent a false alarm when a 60W halogen lamp is turned on close to the detector. No false alarm is triggered even when a car flashes its headlights at the detector at a distance of 30cm (If a car passes through the detector range, of course, the exhaust heat of the car will trigger the alarm). Also no false alarm will be triggered by sunlight up to an illumination of 100,000 lux. False alarms are most likely caused when early morning or evening sunlight poors into the room, and enters the field of view of the PIR either directly or by reflection. In such a case, however, the illumination reaches only about 50,000 lux. This prevents false alarm, due to double conductive shielding.

  • RFI Protection - RFI protection has been improved to 20V/m and 30V/m or more by utilizing the double conductive shielding. A field strength of 20V/m means that even if a 10W transmitter is placed within 1 meter of the detector and interference is produced, it will not cause false alarm. With a field strength of 30V/m, a 10W transmitter can be placed within 30-35cm of the detector and not cause a false alarm.

Quad Zone Logic & Multi-Focus Optics:

Optex has 2 different detection logics, Quad Zone Logic and Multi-Focus Optics. Each logic creates high vertical density detection zones by original optical technology to prevent false alarms. Normally, a detector uses twin elements to create two detection zones but Optex's detectors create an extremely high vertical zone density, two or three times the size of that in conventional PIRs. These taller zones capture the entire body mass of a person and enable detection of the smallest temperature contrast between them and the background.

  • Multi-Focus Optics - If a person is hidden from the PIR detector, he or she is not detected. In ordinary residences and offices, there are desks, shelves and other furniture. When these objects hide a part of the body, it may make detection difficult.

  • Quad Zone Logic - Optex utilizes another technology, "QUAD Zone Logic in order to achieve the highest resistance against false alarm sources like pet and small animals. Quad Zone Logic generates more detection zones thereby increasing the density of the coverage area. This greatly enhances the sensors ability to discriminate between people and small animals. For example, in the shorter distance, the highly dense, multiply segmented zone pattern requires 4 to 8 zones to be broken by human sized objects. At the furthest ranges, 2 or more zones captures the humans, while small animals may affect one or only part of one zone.

Zoom Function/Pattern Adjustment:

The pattern angle can be variably adjusted. The special lens can be adjusted up and down by rotating the housing cover of the "Zoom" mechanism. The angle adjustment can provide a 360 degree 60 ft. (18 m) diameter detection area at any ceiling height up to 16 ft. (5 m) with high detection performance.

False Alarm Protection:

It offers RFI protection (no alarm against field strength levels exceeding 30V/m for the range of 100 MHz to 1.2 GHz. With temperature protection, this detector offers no alarms in high, low, and changing temperatures from -4 to 122 degree F (-20 to 50 degree C). In addition, it also features a noise reduction circuit, selectable pulse count (1, 2 to 4), and selectable sensitivity levels (high, medium, or low).

Brand Optex
Condition New
Outdoor Use No
Technology Passive Infrared
Power Low Voltage
Coverage 360°
Features Tamper Switch
Connection Wired
Mounting Ceiling
Package Contents:

  • One (1) SX-360Z Detector

  • One (1) Installation/User's Manual

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

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