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Interlogix VE735 200ft Mirror Optic PIR Motion Sensor w/ Alarm Memory

Interlogix | SKU: VE735 | Model: VE735

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Interlogix VE735 200ft Mirror Optic PIR Motion Sensor w/ Alarm Memory
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200ft Mirror Optic PIR, 11 Curtain, NC Relay PIR with Mem - V2E Tech. The VE735 uses Interlogix's unique patented PYRO and V2E technology. With existing technology PIR detectors, IR signals are captured by a pyro-electric sensor placed in the detector's focal point . When a conventional pyro sees a thermal source within the surveillance area, it will generate a one-dimensional signal (value) and the presence of the source can be detected.

The detection probability within the area is determined only by the resolution of the optics of the motion detector. However due to the unique construction of the VE735 patented pyro, a thermal source will generate a multi-dimensional signal (vector), allowing the pyro to determine not only the presence but also the direction of motion of a thermal source. This now means that the detection probability is equal to the product of the resolution of the optics and the multi-dimensional output of the pyro.

  • 20m volumetric + 60m long range
  • Patented PYRO electric sensor
  • DSP driven detection algorithm
  • High density mirror optics
  • Absolute volumetric sensor
  • Left to right or right to left detection mode
  • 3 alarm sensitivities
  • Self test with trouble output relay and LED
  • Event memory
  • Plug-in electronics
  • Easy to install with laser beam alignment tool
  • Pry-off and cover tamper

Additional Information

Product SKU VE735
Brand Interlogix
Condition New
Technology Passive Infrared
Connection Wired
Power 12V DC
Coverage 200'
Home Control Wi-Fi
Mounting Sold Separately
Features Alarm Memory, UL Listed
Type Hardwired
Scene Outdoor