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  • Bogen NEARSCAPES-4-1DSP Complete Outdoor Audio Speaker System with 350 WPC DSP Amplifier Bogen NEARSCAPES-4-1DSP Complete Outdoor Audio Speaker System with 350 WPC DSP Amplifier

Bogen NEARSCAPES-4-1DSP Complete Outdoor Audio Speaker System with 350 WPC DSP Amplifier



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Bogen NEARSCAPES-4-1DSP Complete Outdoor Audio Speaker System with 350 WPC DSP Amplifier
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The NEARSCAPES-4-1DSP system is a great way to deliver unobtrusive, super high performance sound into outdoor living spaces. This flexible "satellite/subwoofer" system including 350 Watts per channel power amp boasts high clarity at any volume, deep articulate bass, and ultra-low distortion for areas up to 3000 sq. ft. (280sq.m). The wide dispersion of the LB4TM satellites means fewer speakers are needed to cover an area with high clarity sound with NEARSCAPES than with similar competing systems. With this NEARSCAPES system every listener in the listening area will hear full-performance sound without overly loud "hot" and low-fidelity "dead" zones. The NEARSCAPES-4-1DSP system evenly covers a 3000 square feet (280m2).

The NEAR LB4TM all-environment loudspeaker is elegantly designed, rugged to the extreme and a snap to install. Best of all is the sound quality. The LB4TM's wide dispersion design and high tech components ensure that everyone on the deck or patio hears well-balanced, lifelike sound at every volume level without fatigue. The LB4TM utilizes an MDT metal alloy diaphragm woofer with a 1-inch titanium inverted dome tweeter along with the Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) technology patented by New England Audio Resource in 1993. These are the same materials and technologies employed throughout the LB Series to ensure timbre consistency and system design flexibility. NEARSCAPES™ systems include easy to use ball and socket aim-able brackets that allow you to mount the LB4TM satellite speakers on walls, soffits, railings or fence posts. The system also includes GS4 ground stakes for mounting in gardens and lawns. The IGS100M subwoofer can be used freestanding or partly buried in the ground for minimum visibility and maximum bass performance.

The IGS100M features an MDT metal alloy diaphragm woofer with dual voice coil UDIO technology along with the MLS technology. The IGS100M's 10-inch driver is loaded into a bandpass enclosure - the perfect solution to the challenges of delivering bass reliably outdoors. The result is exceptional sound quality that rivals audiophile-grade indoor loudspeaker systems. You and your guests will be delighted with clear, intelligible and soul-stirring sound. For the ultimate in outdoors audio performance, the NEARSCAPES-4-1DSP system includes the awesome NEAR 3XL 2-channel amplifier. It belts out 350 Watts per channel efficiently and reliably–more than enough to power the IG44.1 speaker system to robust volume levels. The 3XL’s digital signal processor (DSP) is preconfigured to bring out the best performance from the speakers. Crossovers, equalization, limiting and other parameters are set perfectly at the factory for quick, accurate and foolproof set up. Advanced users can access the full array of DSP controls via NEAR’s browser-based graphical user interface (GUI).


LB4TM Satellite Speaker

  • Purpose-built to be extremely durable in all weather conditions
  • Mulch color enclosure is inconspicuous in gardens and other landscaped areas
  • Anodized metal alloy speaker cones (MDT) maintain spec across a wide spectrum of ambient temperatures for consistent performance in every season
  • Waterproof (IP68) "Perfect Fit" input connector eliminates long-term connection problems
  • MLS Ferrofluid voice coil centering system
  • Fluid-sealed gap eliminates corrosion in magnet
  • Mineral-filled polypropylene cabinet for durability and rigidity
  • Advanced polymer cone surrounds resist UV rays, chlorine, fertilizer and salt spray
  • Heavy-gauge, powder-coated stainless steel mounting bracket with unique (patent-pending) lever-mount cast aluminum clamp
  • Specially developed hydrophobic fabric covers port opening to prevent entry of water, debris and small creatures

IGS100M Subwoofer

  • Purpose-built to be extremely durable in all weather conditions, mounted in-ground
  • Stylish design provides functional rigidity and extra security when buried
  • Anodized metal alloy speaker cones (MDT) maintain specified performance over a broad range of temperatures (-20 to +160 degrees F; -29 - +71 C) for consistent sound quality in every season
  • UDIO (upside down/inside out) driver employs voice coils wound both inside and outside the former for extremely accurate linearity, even at extreme volume levels
  • MLS spiderless motor uses specially developed ferrofluid to center the voice coil and eliminates the distortion generated by spiders
  • Sealed magnet gap locks out moisture and debris
  • LLDP (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) color-through enclosures are acoustically inert and stand tough under abuse and in extreme conditions
  • Advanced SupraPolymer cone surrounds resist UV rays, chlorine, fertilizer and salt spray
  • 70V multi-tap transformer standard for use with the NEAR 6XL power amplifier in 70V operation- can be by-passed for 8 ohm use
  • Signal connection via pre terminated 8-conductor burial grade cable exiting the bottom of the enclosure
  • Color: Mulch Brown

3XL DSP Amplifier

  • High power output: 2 x 350W @ 4/8 ohms or 70V/100V
  • Universal power supply, 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Two Switched-Mode power supplies with active PFC (Power Factor Correction) and wide range input
  • Class D amplifier output stages with efficiency up to 90%
  • Power-saving Standby mode
  • Amplifier recovers from Standby mode when input signal is sensed
  • Protection: Self-limiting and shutdown protection circuitry including Clip, Over-current, Over/Under voltage, Output DC and Over-temperature
  • Line output circuit for use in driving additional power amplifiers or as other line level devices
  • Excellent sonic performance with 24bit high-end converters coupled with 48kHz/24-bit DSP sample rate
  • Very low-noise, highly efficient fan cooling system
  • NEAR custom DSP engine: - 5 band parametric equalization per input channel - 7 band parametric equalization per output channel - Each band can be switched to Bell, Low/High Shelving, Low/High-Pass and Notch filtering
  • Crossover filters with slopes from 6dB/Octave up to 48dB/Octave including Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley types
  • Each input features an adjustable RMS Compressor, including variable ratio and knee. Each output features a variable Peak Limiter
  • Adjustable Delay time up to 960ms for every input and output channel
  • Ethernet interface connection for system setup, monitoring and control via intuitive GUI for the integrator/user
  • 16 pre-sets for typical NEAR systems
  • Front panel interactive LCD display for local access and configuration via encoder and button
  • Flexible transformer-less output Speaker Drive mode settings for low-impedance or high-impedance applications

Additional Information

Brand Bogen
Condition New
Weatherproof Yes
Connection Type 8 Conductor Speaker Wire
  • One 3XL 350 WPC 2-channel power amplifier with digital signal processing
  • Four LB4TM satellite speakers dark brown mulch color, with surface mount brackets
  • Four color-matched ground stakes
  • One IGS100M subwoofer