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Pelco Inc., a member of the Schneider Electric family of businesses, is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturer of video security systems and equipment ideal for any industry. With a long and prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Pelco has become the most sought-after product supplier in the security industry.

Pelco produces the most respected offering of discreet camera domes and enclosures, megapixel IP and HD cameras, video matrix systems, next generation digital video recorders, software-only video management solutions, and fiber optic transmission systems for video/data – and much more – all in the never-ending pursuit of achieving 100-percent

Famous for the Pelco Spectra IV Series, Pelco has developed the world's most widely used telemetry protocol with the introduction of Spectra PTZ security cameras. As a Pelco distributor, we carry the entire Pelco security catalog including Pelco DVRs from the smaller DX4100 series to the advanced enterprise features of Pelco's award winning DX8100 series DVR, Pelco Endura (Network Video Recording Solutions), Pelco Network IP Cameras, Sarix and all accessories to mount and enhance any Pelco security product from Pelco housings to mounting brackets and power supplies.

Pelco security products will continue to set the standards to which many others are measured against. If you require any technical or pre-sales Pelco support, our staff is fully Pelco trained about the latest Pelco cameras and Pelco surveillance systems.

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Pelco Lenses, Pelco Mounts & Adaptors, Pelco Camera Housings, Pelco Pan/Tilts & Scanners, Pelco Recording Accessories, Pelco Power Products, Pelco Controllers & Keyboards, Pelco Camera Accessories, Pelco Housing Accessories, Pelco Decoders, Pelco Encoders, Pelco Video Server Accessories, Pelco Twisted-Pair Products, Pelco Video Distribution, Pelco Network IP Recorders, Pelco NVR Hardware, Pelco NVR Software, Pelco Stand-alone DVR, Pelco Hybrid Video Recorder, Pelco Analog Box Cameras, Pelco Analog Bullet Cameras, Pelco Analog Dome Cameras, Pelco Analog PTZ Cameras, Pelco Network Box Cameras, Pelco Network Dome Cameras, Pelco Network PTZ Cameras

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