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Cantronic Systems Inc. is a global technology leader in infrared imaging and commercial vision systems. Cantronic manufactures and distributes active and passive CCTV infrared imaging and night vision cameras. These complex camera systems are used for monitoring, protecting and managing facilities and people. Cantronic has supplied systems for use in demanding military, homeland security, medical, and industrial applications.

Cantronic has developed monitoring and display software applications and has a worldwide patent pending for its Long Distance Illuminator. Cantronic's products have been installed by the US Navy for the protection of naval installations and by Fromatone for nuclear power plant protection. Other notable customers include Northrup Grumman, General Motors, Johnson Controls and Tyco Fire and Safety.

Cantronic, through its US subsidiary, QWIP Technologies, Inc. (QWIPTECH), holds a worldwide exclusive license from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). This exclusive license allows Cantronic to produce and sell infrared detectors based on Caltech's Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) technology. This technology, developed by the renowned NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has many applications in defense as well as in the surveillance field.

The unique combination of ultra-sensitive QWIP detectors and camera/illuminator systems provides a complete, custom-engineered solution for each Cantronic customer's needs.

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Cantronic Systems Inc.
63A Clipper Street
Coquitlam, BC V3K 6X2
Tel: +1 866 391 6970
Fax: +1 604 516 6618

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