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Varifocal Lenses

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  1. Fujinon YV4-3x2-8SA-SA2 3 Megapixel DC Auto-Iris Lens, 2.8-12mm

    High image-quality monitoring with optical performance supporting 3 megapixels. Wide f2.8-12mm range accommodates various applications Designed to maximize optical performance with high-accuracy aspheric lens, low-dispersion glass, and high refractive-index glass....
  2. Samsung SLA-2812DN 1/3-inch DC Auto-Iris Varifocal Lens, 2.8-12mm

    Product Features 1/3" CS-mount 2.8-12mm Focal Length DC Auto-Iris Manual Zoom and Focus Max. Aperture Ratio: 1: 1.3 - 360...

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  3. Computar TG4Z2813FCS-IR 1/3-inch 2.8-12mm f1.3 auto iris, Day/Night IR

    The TG4Z2813FCS-IR from GANZ is a Computar Varifocal IR (infrared) DC auto iris lens, designed for use with Day/Night cameras. They eliminate focus shift in night mode, especially in the presence of IR lighting. All lenses are CS-Mount, comprised of all glass optics, come with locking set screws...
  4. Veilux SVL-02812A Auto-Iris Varifocal Lens, 2.8-12mm

    Product Features 2.8-12mm Focal Length Aperture: 1.4~360 CS Mount 1/3" Image Format Angle of View: 95.6 degree ~22.1 degree Size: Dia. 44 x 67.6 x 51.6mm...
  5. Computar TG4Z2813AFCS-IR 1/3-inch 2.8-12mm f1.3 Varifocal, Video

    The TG4Z2813AFCS-IR from GANZ is a Computar varifocal video auto iris lenses offer maximum flexibility in camera installations requiring a wide range of focal lengths. All lenses are CS-Mount, comprised of all glass optics, come with locking setscrews and a durable metal barrel and mount, and are...
  6. ViewZ VZ-A212VDCIR-3MP 1/3" 3MP D/N Vari-Focal Lens w/DC Auto-Iris

    1/3" 3MP Day/Night, Vari-focal with DC Auto-Iris/F, Z: Manual 2.8-12mm F–1.4 CS–Mount. Compatible with 1/3" Cameras. An auto-iris lens without an internal circuit to control the iris. All iris control voltages come from a circuit located within the camera to adjust the iris for...