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Rainbow specializes in providing high quality integrated CCTV equipment for security and surveillance applications. Technical expertise, superior products and excellent customer service make Rainbow CCTV an industry leader, with worldwide distribution.

In 1984, Rainbow began selling lenses as individual components, but has since expanded into offering a complete line of integrated CCTV products, including fixed focal length, vari-focal, and zoom lenses, black and white and color cameras, monitors and infrared illuminators.

With its wide range of products and large distribution network, Rainbow offers maximum flexibility for building various systems for just about any type of security and surveillance environment, including financial institutions, retail outlets, airports, medical facilities, schools, homes, offices and industrial settings, to name a few. Beyond offering high quality products at competitive prices, Rainbow distributors and end users can be assured of responsive customer service, timely delivery, user friendly equipment, top notch technical support, and an outstanding warranty and service program.

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200 McCormick Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: +1 800 654 5367
Fax: +1 800 828 2031

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