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Seco-Larm SLI820R Keyless Entry Upgrade

Seco-Larm SLI820R Keyless Entry Upgrade

$ 67.5000

Seco-Larm SLI820R Keyless Entry Upgrade


Model: SLI820R

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SECO-LARM's SLI 820R connects to most vehicles' factory keyless entry systems to provide a low-cost yet effective complete security system which is armed and disarmed using the customer's own remote control RF transmitters. In addition, SECO-LARM's SK-919T4J transmitters can be added to make a complete alarm system. The SLI-820R can accept either the vehicle's factory remote controls or SECO-LARM's SK-919T4J.

Includes built-in flashing parking light relay. Outputs for door lock/unlock, starter disable, and horn honk. Includes patented dual-stage shock sensor, 3-tone siren, LED, VET button.

  • Automatically learns polarity of vehicle's door locks for simple installation
  • Includes dual-stage electronic shock sensor. Separate pre-intrusion and trigger outputs. Siren chirps if light tap is detected, and triggers if strong rap is detected. Miniature size, installs anywhere
  • Built-in parking light relay indicates armed, disarmed, triggered, pre-intrusion, zone bypass, valet, and tamper
  • Starter disable output. Disables starter once alarm is armed. Starter sensing triggers alarm if thieves attempt to start car
  • Push-button included for valet and emergency disarm
  • LED indicates arming (in passive mode), armed, disarmed, triggered zone and valet
  • Siren (+) and horn (-) outputs. Includes 3-tone siren. Chirps indicate arming, armed, disarmed, valet, zone bypass, pre-intrusion, and zone triggered
  • 5 instant-triggering zones
  • Defective zone bypass. Inputs not working properly are automatically bypassed when the alarm is armed. Patented Fail-Safe Arming verifies that the alarm will arm passively
  • Programmable for passive/active arming, current/switch sensing, permanent chirp delete, and more
  • CE approved
Condition New Stock
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